That's as "Click-Baity" as I could allow myself. 

But since you are here now, I wanted to let you know that the FEAR is real. 

So on the journey to 300 sets this year, I have filmed each one so far with plans to release it on youtube. There is so many mixed emotions coursing through my brain.

On the preparations side, getting material each time trying to make it entertaining as a whole over the course of 300 sets and not being repetitive is a challenge. Getting material to cover the 5-10 mins and being entertaining can be a challenge but trying to get the entire journey and providing an estimated goal of 24 hours of sets for you is a new challenge that is a work in progress. You will see the same jokes worked out, played with and trying to not only polish but polishing its position when and where it shows up. I hope to be able to provide a journey regardless if you jump in at set #1 or set #298 and that wasn't something I considered last week when I came up with this plan. 

The biggest fear is made up of a lot of little fears. "Will I be funny... or funny enough?" "will this material get stolen?" "will it be worth it?" "will i lose fans before i even make them?" "Am I jeopardizing my material for future shows?" 

Being funny enough is always a question and somedays you are and somedays you aren't, this challenge will not allow me to hide in the shadows of a dive bar or in the corners of the minds of the few people in the crowd. This challenge will prompt me to be the funniest i can be on any given night. No Days Off.

Since the beginning of stand up comedy, theres always been joke theft. There won't be an end of it anytime soon. Jokes other comics start using or jokes that other comics decided that you stole from them. It can be a mess either way. I figure, if i put it out on Youtube and throw the material into the ether it will be time stamped and out there for you to be the judge. I've never really had an issue with stolen jokes as a lot of my jokes are my point of view and there aren't many comics out there with my point of view that i can lift jokes from. 

Will it be worth it? well you're here and you found this blog one way or another so i would say, if you found value in this blog and into my material than "yes, it was worth it" If i can become a better comic and come up with more material, then yes it was worth it. 

Every comic fears losing material, or as the term "burn material". When you do a late night talk show spot, or have material filmed for the mass audience, film a special anything that would get a lot of eyes on the material is called burning material. Usually comics will chose the best material to perform for large audiences, but once it gets released or put on air, the comic usually stops using the material. Im putting everything i have out, you'll get to watch me polish it, figure it out, sort it out and everything in between. To me thats the biggest fear. "what will i do when i have a large audience or a big show of people that are familiar with my work?" well if everything goes right, i will have new material and new things to talk about on a daily basis. and if it goes wrong well its back to the drawing board. 

Fear will always be there in an environment where nothing is guarenteed, the only difference is that im chosing to do it this way. choising to fail or succeed on my terms within the game that we are playing. Fear is a thing, a real real thing. fear keeps me going, and fear will slow me down. I want to use this 300 challenge to make me a better person and a better comic. 


thanks for reading!